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Pre purchase arrangement could be the only difference between getting the best product and succumbing to unscrupulous ploys. Time invested in this process is worthwhile in finding best providers and alternative products at an affordable price without compromising standards. Failure to observe this process results to bad customer experiences that are fatal but could have been avoided. At times when consumers used to subsist on few suppliers; channels like consumer report magazines, product referrals and advertisements were the opinion shapers on goods and services for customers.

In this day and age, the consumer has options to consider from; e-commerce platforms can be used when buying products from retail stores, etc. Present day consumers also rely on such e-commerce platforms to get information in regard with goods in question. However, not all e-commerce players share this information with their consumers. Essay writing companies aptly fall under this category.

Student consumers and what they can do.

When students out to hire services of online essay writing company are not able to get sufficient information concerning this subject, they have no option but to look around for this information. At we are knowledgeable on how essay companies run their business and we have rated them to enable students make right decisions.

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Why we exist

Essay writing is a sector with millions of unregulated players. There are genuine quality oriented providers, but not all players are like minded; we have rogue businesses preying on unsuspecting students. Without help from review websites students cannot distinguish between rogue and genuine writing bureaus. This platform prides itself with providing students with all information they need in making timely right decisions, it’s also our responsibility to tell the students bad and good essay companies.

How it works

At we carry out reviews on essay writing companies for the benefit of student consumers. We provide a platform for real past consumers to air their experience on writing companies. Students are encouraged to comment on these companies by focusing on features such as; cost incurred to get assignments done, quality of paper delivered, level of writers commitment, time it takes to get assignment done and customer care agents efficiency. We therefore manipulate this data and fashion out a list of best custom essay writing companies that students can depend on when placing orders. also avails information that cannot be found on websites of other review companies.